In my late twenties I was perfectly allergic to the idea of birth, busy as a freelance picture editor I’d feel really queasy if the topic came up in conversation. But a parallel interest in Yoga changed my life, giving me an alternative passion and a wider life perspective, which I’m sure stimulated a profound dream in which gave birth. From that day my fear of birth left me and quite timely as later that year I became pregnant with my son.

I threw myself with gusto into antenatal preparations and actually found the process of birth and bonding with baby utterly fascinating. A friend offered to be my doula and her support, coupled with a lot of yoga and meditation Marlow and I got through an emotionally turbulent pregnancy and fairly easy birth. 

Eighteen months later I quit my media career and focusedon teaching yoga and my doula training with a side-specialism in placenta  encapsulation (don’t worry if that’s not your thing, it’s not compulsory if you work with me!). 

If you’d have told the mid-twenties me this is what I’d be doing I would have laughed, but I couldn’t be happier. Nourishing and nurturing women is what I do best.

You’ll find loads of testimonials and stories across the site, alongside information on my current yoga classes,workshops and retreats, doula services and natural placenta remedies. 

If you’ve got this far I’d love to work with you. Please get in touch.

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I believe if you/re going to learn anything, learn from the best so here follows …

Kundalini Yoga Level 1 with Karam Kriya School – 2004

Postnatal Yoga with Sitaram / Uma Dinsmore Tuli – 2010

Pregnancy Yoga I loved so much I did it twice. 

The Mothers Journey / Carolyn Cowan – 2009

Khalsa Way / Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa (Cindy Crawford’s pregnancy yoga teacher!) – 2012

I am now a pregnancy yoga teacher trainer with The Mothers Journey – 2016

Doula Training with Paramana Doulas / Michel Odent – 2009

Placenta Encapsulation with IPEN – 2010

I have also completed many maternity-related trainings inc. breastfeeding with Jack Newman, Hypno-birthing with Mia Scotland, baby positioning with Gail Tully of Spinning Babies and use of rebozo and belly wrapping to comfort during pregnancy, labour and postnatally.

Thanks to Laura I had an amazing birth and all those worries I had were for nothing. Even the placenta was delivered by itself no drugs required everything was so natural.



During labour Laura was everything anyone could have hoped for. Laura was happy to comply with my strange labour requests. She was knowledgeable and professional with the hospital staff and stood back to allow them to do their job.



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