9 Feminist Yoga Anthems, A Kundalini Yoga Playlist.

You know music has a profound impact on how you feel. I love all sorts of music, particularly a bit of filthy drum and bass when I’m driving but at home I prefer something more serene and when I play Kundalini Yoga Music at home everyone benefits. Do you remember... read more

Meditate with Me

Mind is like our phone, we’re are permanently attached to them but they are not us. Behind our mind is a much deeper timeless wisdom and it’s always worth looking beyond our thoughts because while they are ‘interesting’ and come up with all sorts of ‘funny’ things, behind them all is an Aladdin Caves of goodies.

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3 No Diet Detoxes

Reading lists of habits of successful people has a tendency to make me feel less than successful. Tennis at 5am might work for Anna Wintour but I’m a home girl and when I have time which isn’t always this is what I do… – For Clarity of Mind My nose kettle is a thing... read more

Is Kundalini Yoga Dangerous?

Say it like it sounds, involve your whole mouth, and it sounds a bit naughty. People often talk about Kundalini being sexual energy but it’s actually not. Because of this and similar Kundalini yoga connotations, some people take a sharp intake of breath and exclaim... read more

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