“I can teach anyone yoga”

I’ve 8 years experience teaching 3-6 classes on a weekly basis.  I am qualified and insured to teach Kundalini Yoga inc. Kundalini for Pregnant and Postnatal Women. I am a pregnancy yoga teacher trainer with The Mothers Journey.

At the moment I am travelling with my family in Central America. I will have new schedule of exciting kundalini classes in September.

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I’ve practised yoga for over half my life but since my late twenties my practise has been sole focused on Kundalini. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is what I’ve used to help me sail a steady ship through the many challenges of my life.

Feeling fit, healthy and youthful are really great perks of a regular yoga practice but ultimately yoga is a spiritual practise.  I do yoga because if I don’t life stresses me out, I loose connection to my purpose. I get negative and take my moods out on my loved ones. When my practice is strong, I feel great, I think better, I relax properly and enjoy life. 

I specialise in gathering women together, creating safe nourishing spaces where we can be real with each other and use the power of yoga to lift our spirits and give real in body understanding of our feminine strength and wisdom.

I want women who do yoga with me to enjoy deeper more profound experiences and a loving self acceptance of their bodies and their lives. 

I teach classes and workshops at home and in central London, run women retreats twice yearly in Ibiza as well as providing bespoke one to one 40 day yoga courses in the comfort of your own home to help create progression in your personal practise. 

“Oh my goodness that was amazing! A truly profound experience which I can’t wait to repeat! “


Kundalini Yoga for a Divine Pregnancy 

“There is no more important role in the world than that of the mother.” 

We are our children’s first teacher, we are so intimately connected to our babies that in pregnancy it becomes crucial that mums to be find the time to relax, connect and prepare themselves for the transition to motherhood. 

I run a rolling six week course that you are welcome to join at any point in your pregnancy. We will do yoga to release the stresses of the day and strengthen your changing body and I will teach you a meditation / breath technique to help you find your own way to cope with pain sensations in the body.

Kundalini Yoga is a great accompaniment to hypno-birthing. I like to think of it as making hypno-birthing sacred.

I combine my knowledge as a doula and experience with my yoga teaching to support all women in a non-judgmental way. A recent student wrote an informative review of my pregnancy class in the Huffington Post, you can read that here.

“Kundalini really changed my idea of what birth could be”


Postnatal Yoga

I help you to carefully use Kundalini Yoga to restore your abdominal muscles and ease creaky bones and stiff muscles. Babies come to these classes too of course and get the additional benefit of some gentle moves and stretches.

Suitable from 6 weeks after birth.

No one comes to yoga perfect.

If you want to make some positive changes to your life now is the time.

fb2 I run a lively Facebook page Wise Mother which I keep unto date with information and inspiration for women.

“Thanks again for your sensitive and good humoured teaching”


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